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The veg grower podcast: review

The Veg grower Podcast logo

The veg grower podcast is a must for all practice-oriented gardeners who grow their own food and have the time to listen on a weekly basis. This podcast is mainly a personal garden diary. With the cost-effective and sustainable DIY garden solutions this green audio deserves a high rank in the Discutafel Green Podcast Top 5 of 2019!

Key data The veg grower podcast

  • Country of origin: UK
  • Presenter: Richard Suggett
  • Website
  • Genre: diary, personal insights and tips, interviews and sometimes a coverage
  • Frequency: weekly
  • Duration: 00:20-00:40


On the basis of our short list and criteria we came up with the following rating.

  • Constant formula
  • Organic and sustainable gardening is self-evident!
  • Authentic, barely edited, personal; therefore sometimes a little uncared-for, which is OK 😉
  • Moderate catching up value, mainly because of the diary
  • Chat factor detection: weather reviews and personal rigmarole can be annoying or endearing, depending on your taste. As loyal listeners, we appreciate this small talk.
  • Product placement now and then, independancy not alway clear

Our suggestion

Listen weekly, and you’ll soon feel involved in the adventures of this sympathic Englishman on his allotment and in the vegetable garden at home.
Because of the garden diary, you might consider to listen within a couple of days after publication.

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