180426 Ivonne Smit of Discutafel in Studio Wawona
Photo: Ivonne Smit.

Discutafel founders are Marlies Notermans en Ivonne Smit.
We started Discutafel in 2013.
We are both trained in permaculture and members of Velt and IVN.


Cream of the crop is Discutafel podcast in Dutch. Some episodes are in English.
Subjects are eco-friendly gardening and permaculture. Listening is free for everybody.
We also make audio productions for clients about ecological topics.

In this audio file Ivonne explains the name Discutafel:

Who we are

Marlies Notermans

Marlies is an independent trainer, registered at CRKBO.
Since 2015 she is converting a cherry orchard into a permaculture garden.
Currently Marlies is involved with Discutafel as a supporter, sparringpartner and contributor of ideas.

Ivonne Smit of Discutafel

Ivonne is a communication professional and customer journey manager at ViatriX.
In her wildlife-friendly garden (*1994) she created a small vegetable garden (*2015), partly based on permaculture.
Ivonne is editor and producer of Discutafel podcast, website and social media.

Become our guest editor!

Does our concept feel good to you? Why not take the opportunity and be one of our guest editors. Enhance your knowledge and public!
Mail your contribution.
Or let’s have a chat on Skype first.

Just add Ivonne Smit to your Skype address book and give her a call!


Discutafel is eager to learn, critical in a positive way and level-headed about sustainability issues. Characteristics:

  • reflection (head)
  • enthusiasm for audio (heart)
  • practical tips (hands)
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