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Discutafel creates green audio. Listen to our podcast!


180426 Ivonne Smit of Discutafel in Studio Wawona

Our organisation is unpretentious. It’s me, Ivonne Smit, doing the work. From strategy to editing. I can rely on my colleague at ViatriX for online services.
I would be happy to cooperate with anyone who likes our concept. Specially experienced podcasters abroad. Please contact us.

Discutafel since 2013

In 2013, I founded Discutafel with Marlies Notermans. We wanted to concentrate on sustainability matters. Because we thought they were urgent. And because we wanted to learn about them, and exchange insights.
From the very beginning we focused on sustainability and transition. You’ll probably find traces on this website.
Since the start and organic growth of Discutafel podcast in 2018, Marlies gradually decided to change her schedule. Eco-friendly gardening became more important at Discutafel.
Sadly, Marlies passed away on December 6, 2019.

Who am I

I’m a communications and marketing professional. At ViatriX we run a consulting and training company in this field.
I also have certificates on nature education, permaculture and podcasting.
I’m member of Velt, IVN, RHS and other green organisations.
If you’re looking for me, I’m probably out in our city garden (500 m2). Wearing old clothes and being watched by a cat and chickens while I’m gardening.

The name …

In this audio file I explain the name Discutafel:


Discutafel is eager to learn, critical in a positive way and level-headed about sustainability issues. Characteristics:

  • reflection (head)
  • enthusiasm for audio (heart)
  • practical tips (hands)

Let’s make green audio together!

Discutafel isn’t the only eco-friendly gardener on the internet. But we do make the very first Dutch podcast on gardening and permaculture. And we take this seriously.
Do you want to make green audio, too? Or perhaps you’ve got talents which are supplementary to ours. Do you happen to know a lot about food and energy transition? Please contact us to speak about cooperation.