Founders: Marlies Notermans en Ivonne Smit

Founders Marlies Notermans and Ivonne Smit started Discutafel in 2013. Marlies is an independent trainer, registered at CRKBO. Since 2015 she is converting a cherry orchard into a permaculture garden. Ivonne is a communication professional and customer journey manager at ViatriX. She has a wildlife-friendly garden since 1994. There she started a small vegetable garden, based on permaculture. They are both trained in permaculture and members of Velt and IVN.


In this audio file Ivonne explains the name Discutafel:

Cream of the crop is Discutafel podcast in Dutch. Some episodes are in English. Subjects are eco-friendly gardening and permaculture. Listening is free for everybody.
We also make audio productions for clients about ecological topics.


Discutafel is eager to learn, critical in a positive way and level-headed about sustainability issues. Characteristics:

  • reflection (head)
  • enthusiasm for audio (heart)
  • practical tips (hands)
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