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Discutafel creates green audio. Listen to our podcast!

Broadcasting schedule

Keep listening to Discutafel podcast in 2023.

2023 schedule

At least every 4 weeks we’ll bring you new green audio. In Dutch, or sometimes in English!

  • please check homepage for upcoming episodes
  • usually published on Thursdays from 07:00 Dutch time, catching up possible at any time
  • host: Ivonne Smit
  • including a Discutalk or Discucoverage whenever possible
  • extra: many English shows in January through March!


On broadcast dates we also publish the accompanying shownote.
Useful for finding hyperlinks and more info about topics in the show.

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Episodes in cache: still worth listening to!

Catching up with earlier episodes is a good idea.
Sometimes we present news, and that bit might not be actual anymore.


Our podcast may contain topics in the following rubrics:

  • Discutalk: (stimulating) conversation or chat
  • Discujournal: our own recent experiences
  • Discuknowledge: background information on a specific topic in eco-friendly gardening or permaculture
  • Discunews: collected from the media
  • Discurecoverage: coverage on location
  • Discutips: let’s get practical now!
  • Discufinish: wrapping up