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Discutafel podcast 137: mad honey and other rododendron issues

Flowering azaleas (rododendrons)
Union Jack Britse vlag

Listen to episode 137 below.
Publication date: 17-3-23.
Duration: 20:53.
Host: Ivonne Smit.
Illustration: flowering azaleas (rododendrons) in a Belgian park.

Episode 137: mad honey and other rododendron issues

In this episode

Ivonne discovers intriguing facts about rododendrons. These findings have to do with … poison and a victory in ancient history!
The episode starts with Ivonne’s talk in Milner Gardens and Woodland. This Canadian estate is famous for its collection of rododendron (Latin: Rhododendron).


Pictures made in Milner Gardens and Woodland, August 2022


Milner Gardens and Woodland series!

This episode is the last in a series of shows and blogs
about Milner Gardens and Woodland in Canada.

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