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Discutafel creates green audio. Listen to our podcast!

Audio productions

Discutafel audioproducties neemt gekwaak op

Discutafel creates audio productions about ecological topics.
Through our green audio you’ll reach people who are seriously interested in a sustainable lifestyle and eco-friendly products.


Cream of the crop is Discutafel podcast in Dutch. Some episodes are in English. Subjects are eco-friendly gardening and permaculture.
We also make audio productions for clients about green and sustainable topics.

Discutafel audio productions fans are …

  • individuals, companies and non-profit organizations
  • in The Netherlands and Flanders, and English speaking people around the world
  • participating in allotment or nature societies, community supported agriculture or environmental projects, wasting no time on chit-chat 😉

Discutafel: focus on green audience

Discutafel audio productions offers …

  • inspiration on usable ideas for a nature friendly and people friendly lifestyle
  • understanding through knowledge on amateur gardening, biology, nature, permaculture
  • relaxation and amusement in the form of well founded green infotainment

Discutafel: green audio!

Discutafel listeners are …

  • amateur gardeners
  • people involved in nature and environment associations & citizenship projects
  • professionals in the garden branch, agribusiness, education & local authorities

Discutafel podcast …

  • discusses, interprets and gives information about practical eco-gardening and permaculture
  • is infotainment about a sustainable everyday lifestyle
  • consists merely of ‘original content’

Discutafel podcast is published …

  • in English and Dutch
  • permanently, because you can catch up with episodes all the time
  • especially when using a free subscription!

Cooperation with Discutafel

  • Discutalk or Discucoverage (in The Netherlands) as an item in our podcast
  • for big organizations and small non-profit initiatives
  • advertisements or sponsoring in accordance with the Dutch Advertising Code for Social Media
  • international audience: Ivonne speaks Dutch fluently and is also skillful in English

No one can change everything.
Everyone can change something.
-Monty Don

Discutafel is a brand of ViatriX, a Dutch marketing and communications company. Our audio portfolio for third parties is still modest; it’s fair to be clear about this. That has advantages for you. Our terms and conditions are in accordance with our business development phase.