Audio productions

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Discutafel creates audio productions about ecological topics.
Through us you’ll reach your target groups who are seriously interested in a sustainable lifestyle and sustainable products.

Discutafel podcast

Discutafel publishes a bi-weekly podcast in Dutch. Every 4th Thursday we publish topics in English and their shownotes. Use the Dutch website menu to see all Dutch shownotes.
Discutafel podcast discusses, interprets and informs about practical eco-friendly gardening and permaculture. It’s infotainment about a sustainable lifestyle in everyday life. The content is mostly original: Discutafel is the first to publish it.

Target groups

Hobbyists and professionals can subscribe for free to this very first Dutch podcast about this topic. Individual listeners, for example, are involved in allotment or nature societies, community supported agriculture or environmental projects. Professionals work in the gardening branche, education, local authorities etc.


Ivonne Smit takes care of the editing, presentation and production of Discutafel podcast. Marlies Notermans and others provide ideas and content.

Your share in Discutafel podcast?

  • Suggestions on topics or guests for our show are welcome!
  • Interview, guest editing, pitch or sponsored message? We’ll be happy to cooperate, as long as your part suits the podcast concept.
    We work in accordance with the Dutch Advertising Code for Social Media.

Audio production for your organisation?

Ivonne Smit of Discutafel also makes audio productions for third parties. Our approach is interesting for companies, authorities, associations and foundations.You can get single audio files or a series on a specific theme: a podcast. Convenient: use the audio scripts in your own media!

  • Audio DiscuLos: you publish your single audio file on your own website or YouTube channel.
    Available for your clients as long as you want it to be!
  • Audio DiscuPod: your client can listen to your entire podcast on their podcast app or other digital audio service of their choice. For free or after payment.
    Discutafel is your advisor, editor, producer. We publish the podcast on the internet.

In Dutch or English

Presenter Ivonne Smit makes coverages and has interviews, also on location and usually in The Netherlands. Are you interested in storytelling or publishing lessons? Perfect! Ivonne’s voice and personality match with meaningful messages. Listen to the Discutafel podcast on Podbean to hear her voice.

Ivonne speaks Dutch fluently and is also skillful in the English language, so you can reach an international audience.

Audio is effective

We believe in audio. The listener really makes the choice to listen to your message, on that specific time and location. You cannot be more welcome than that! Audio is much more convenient than video, since your client can listen while he or she is driving, cooking or doing simple jobs. In addition, audio is rather intimate, especially when your client uses earphones. Very effective in niche markets!

Step into audio now

Audio on demand is booming. It’s time to get in!
Discutafel is a brand of ViatriX, a Dutch marketing and communications company. Our audio portfolio for third parties is still modest; it’s fair to be clear about this. That has advantages for you. Our terms and conditions are in accordance with our business development phase.

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