The Veg Grower Podcast interviews Discutafel

The Veg Grower Podcast ft Ivonne from Discutafel
Photo: The Veg Grower Podcast featured image of episode 189 with Discutafel

As a real fan of The Veg Grower Podcast, I’m delighted to announce our appearance in this show!
Host Richard has an interview with Ivonne of Discutafel in his show dated October 8.

Our talk in episode 189 of The Veg Grower Podcast starts at 14:25.
I think you should lay back and listen to the whole show, though. I especially like Richards DIY story! He recycles an old shed. I do wonder how his family reacts on this topic ….

Longest show on record

In this talk, Richard kindly lets me to introduce myself as a podcaster, gardener and person. We speak about the essence of permaculture and eco-friendly gardening.
I’m afraid I’m responsable of the fact that episode 189 is the longest show on record for The Veg Grower Podcast. I enjoy listening and talking to Richard. I’m looking forward to chat with him again some time.
Enjoy the show!

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