Discutafel podcast 23: permaculture origins and Monty’s garden talks

180614 Monty Don Gardeners' World Live 2018
Photo: Monty Don on stage at Gardeners’ World Live 2018.

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Publication date: 01-11-18
Duration: 17:13
Host: Ivonne Smit

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Episode 23: permaculture origins and Monty’s garden talks


  • Short introduction on permaculture. Who developed this mindset and why? What are main differences with organic agriculture?
    Ivonne mentions a movie about restoration of the landscape you might be interested in: The greening of the desert by Geoff Lawton (37:07).
  • Ivonne looks back at her visit to Gardeners’ World Live 2018, last June. She shares special ‘garden & life’ talks by the famous TV presenter Monty Don. Discutafel published 2 Discuspecials about this show, earlier this year:
    Part I (you’ll recognise the recording with Mr. Don here)
    and Part II.
    The commentary is in Dutch, but we hope you’ll enjoy the specials anyway!
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Post Author: Ivonne Smit