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180426 Ivonne Smit of Discutafel in Studio Wawona
Photo: Ivonne Smit.

Listen to English episodes of Discutafel podcast 2018, every now and then.
Presenter: Ivonne Smit
We regularly invite guests to our show or publish event coverages.
Our Dutch episodes are published every other Thursday.

On broadcast dates we also publish the accompanying show note. There you can find hyperlinks en addresses about topics in the show.
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Update 21-12-18

Please note, this blog is outdated.
Go to Broadcasting schedule for actual information.

Broadcasting schedule Discutafel podcast 2018

In Dutch, unless otherwise stated.
Broadcasts that have just been published or are planned in the near future:

November: 29 
December: 6 & 20 & 27 

Episodes in cache: still worth listening to!

Catching up with earlier episodes is a good idea.
Sometimes we present news, and that bit might not be actual anymore.

Month Day Details
November 22 Discuspecial Permaculture conference, Brussels (in Dutch)
November 8
November 1
October 11 & 25
October 4
September 27
September 13 With The Veg Grower Podcast, partly 
August 16 & 30
August 5 Discunieuws
August 2
July 19 With summary at end of show 
July 12 Discuspecial Gardeners’ World Live! part 2 and partly 
June 21 Discuspecial Gardeners’ World Live! part 1 and partly 
June 7
May 17 & 24
May 10 Discuspecial Ascension Day flower market (in Dutch)
April 12 & 26
Maart  1 & 15 & 29


Our podcast may contain topics in the following rubrics:

  • Discugesprek: (stimulating) conversation or chat
  • Discujournaal: our own recent experiences
  • Discukennis: background information on a specific topic in eco-friendly gardening or permaculture
  • Discunieuws: collected from the media
  • Discureportage: coverage on location
  • Discuspecial: broadcast about one single topic
  • Discutips: let’s get practical now!
  • Discuslot: wrapping up
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