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Low maintenance landscaping

Low maintenance landscaping in your garden? Use hardy herbaceous perennial plants which do not require deadheading, staking, lifting or dividing.

Low maintenance landscaping in Ryton Organic Gardens

You can use hardy herbaceous perennial plants in low maintenance landscaping.
Think of geraniums, lady’s mantle and Jerusalem sage.

In June 2018, I saw an example of low maintenance landscaping. This was in Ryton Organic Gardens. There is a perennial planting area which blends together to produce a natural-looking landscape.
These plants have been selected because they do not require deadheading, staking, lifting or dividing.

Criteria for low maintenance landscaping

On the sign in Ryton Organic Gardens it says, that plants have been selected with the following criteria in mind. Do you have more ideas? These plants:

  • establish easily
  • are visually attractive
  • are suitable for the local climate and soil
  • are not prone to pests and diseases
  • smother weeds with their rapid growth
  • are simply to prune and maintain on a long term.

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