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Discutafel podcast 26: good food according to Michiel Korthals

Shownote on episode 26: good food. Michiel Korthals’ ideas on sustainable food production. And interesting items from the internet! Published 29-11-2018.

Good food olive oil in bottles

Listen to episode 26 below
Publication date: 29-11-18
Duration: 15:55
Host: Ivonne Smit
Photo: bottled olive oil. Is this good food?

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Episode 26: good food according to Michiel Korthals


Discuknowledge: good food

Good food is an important subject in permaculture. Ivonne regularly prepares a meal using produce from her own small vegetable patch. That’s good food, isn’t it?
But there are only 2 people in the house to feed. How to make world food production more sustainable?

Philosopher Mr Michiel Korthals has some interesting ideas on good food. He wrote a book in Dutch about it. The literal translation of the title is ‘Good food: philosophy on food and agriculture.’ Do you happen to know there’s an English translation of the book? Please let us know!
We read and watched interviews and presentations with Mr Korthals. In this podcast we share some of his thoughts with you.

We mention Mr Korthals’ 6 ethical considerations when judging a food system. Here they are:

  • Does it decrease hunger?
  • Is it sustainable?
  • Does it pay attention to animal welfare?
  • Will it contribute to a fair treatment of farmers?
  • Does it contribute to a vital countryside?
  • How about making a connection between consumer and producer?


We spotted some interesting items for you on the internet.

  • Animation on the wood wide web (1:47).
  • Short American movie (15:12) dated 2009 on homegrown revolution by The Urban Homestead.
    At the present time, they also have their own podcast.
  • Economic man vs humanity: a puppet rap battle
    3 students challenge outdated economics by debating with their professor about the nature of humankind. With rap and puppetry (6:41). As Kate Raworth, famous for her ‘Doughnut economics’,  says: wave goodbye to rational economic man!

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