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Sense, nonsense and statistics

Cijfers en verfspatten

Now and then, we tell you someting about our scope. But it’s not our ambition to proudly show high ‘download numbers’. Or to work with official statistics.
Even if it’s possible to acquire reliable figures – something we are not sure of – we have several considerations to handle numbers loosely.


It takes a lot of time, money and expertise to get really good statistics and interpret the numbers in a professional way. We are podcasters, not statisticians.

Actual meaning

Downloading doesn’t always mean one complete listening session.
You might skip an episode because somehow the subject is less relevant to you. Or because you don’t have enough time.
Perhaps you listen to just a fragment of the show. Or you play an episode repeatedly!
Furthermore, platforms don’t process download and streaming session numbers in a similar way.

Which statistics?

We use download and streaming figures from mid 2018 through 2022 according to PodBean.
In other blogs we reflect on listeners’ countries and popular episodes.

Relevance for our goal

Discutafel’s main motivation is the content of the message. We want to inform and entertain people. We invite them to think things over and adopt a more sustainable lifestyle.
Our topics are not ‘mainstream’. You belong to a minority, being prepared now to take issues seriously when it comes to nature, environment and society. And perhaps you want to act accordingly.
So it’s not logical to hunt for high statistics and exploit popular shows.
Which doesn’t affect our happiness about your mails and recommendations 😉

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