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Discutafel Green Podcast Top 5 of 2019 revealed

groene podcasts 2019

The Discutafel Green Podcast Top 5 of 2019 has been revealed in our 19 December, 2019 Dutch podcast. Enjoy even more green audio!

Discutafel Green Podcast Top 5 of 2019

Podcaster Ivonne put together the Discutafel Green Podcast Top 5 of 2019. The very first edition of this ranking. For you, our listeners. Listen to more nice audio in these dark winter months!

RankTitleCountry, presenter
1The healthy garden podcast USA, Randy RitchieOur review
2The veg grower podcastUK, Richard Suggett Our review
3Vroege vogels in 30 minutenNL, Henny Radstaak
4Fwiet! Fwiet!BE, Begijn Le Bleu
5Gardens, weeds and wordsUK, Andrew Timothy O’Brien Our review

Hardly any green podcast available in Dutch. Discutafel is unique as a long-term gardening podcast.

Where are the Dutch?

By the way, where are the Dutch green and sustainable podcasters? We chose to investigate Flemish and English titles, too, to put together a nice list.
We happened to discover a couple of suitable American podcasts and decided to investigate these, as well. But we think a podcast of your own climate zone and region is usually more interesting for gardeners. And as we’re European …..

groene podcasts 2019

Any suggestions for voor Discutafel Green Podcast Top 5 of 2020?

Poor retrievability

To be honest, it took a lot of digital digging and identification to find ear-catching podcasts for people like you, who feel committed to eco-friendly gardening and sustainability projects.
This has also to do with poor retrievability on the web and limited information provided for each title.

Short list

Firstly, we made a list of features podcasts had to meet in order to win a position in the Discutafel Green Podcast Top 5 of 2019:

  • Main theme.
    Green and sustainable themes like in our programmes.
    Gardening, permaculture, sustainable agriculture, nature, environmental issues or cheery projects on energy, mobility and food.
  • Language.
    Dutch or English podcasts. Also Flemish.
    Wij concentrated on European podcasts.
  • Frequency/number of episodes.
    At least 3 new episodes in 2019.
    Published as a podcast only, or as a ‘tinned’ version of a radio programme.


We judged the podcasts in the short list in order to put together the Discutafel Green Podcast Top 5 of 2019.
We used the following criteria.

  • Constancy of the formula
  • Technical quality
  • Catching up value:
    to which extent does the podcast maintain a long-term value?
  • Atmosphere, audio experience
  • Chat factor:
    information density. At Discutafel, we don’t like too much chit-chat 😉
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