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The healthy garden podcast: review

Graafmachine en hopen grond

The healthy garden podcast is our number 1 tip for gardeners who feel responsibility for our planet. And for those who have the opinion that gardening starts with soil care. High information density. And food for thought! Also European listeners may enjoy this American show. Editorial formula needs a little variation. Tata …. Number 1 in our Discutafel Green Podcast Top 5 of 2019!

Key data The healthy garden

  • Country of origin: USA
  • Presenter: Randy Ritchie (Malibu Compost)
  • Website
  • Genre: personal insights, lectures
  • Frequency: weekly
  • Duration: 00:20

August, 2020 update

Unfortunately, The healthy garden podcast seems to have changed it’s format in 2020.
In our view, presenter Randy Ritchie got a little overenthusiastic¬†on his sponsor’s products and his personal views. In fact, we stopped listening regularly in Spring. Since the podcast has no contact address, we were not able to inform them personally.
Are they back on track? Please let us know.


On the basis of short list and criteria we came up with the following rating.

  • Constant formula: ‘where soil is important and growing a healthier world is job #1!’
  • Organic and sustainable gardening is selfevident!
  • We recognize ourselves in the erudite, critical and lightly philosophic approach, and we hear this seldomly in green podcasts
  • Editorial formula: studio monologues by same presenter every episode; variation would be welcome
  • High catching up value
  • Dependency on a compost company is likely, but not clear in most of the reviewed episodes

The editors of The healty garden podcast were over the moon when they found out about their nr 1 rank in our Discutafel Green Podcast Top 5. Listen to first minutes of The healthy garden podcast ep. 22.

Our suggstion

Do you want to know more on gen technology? Build your opinion on the importance of ‘weeds’ and survival of independent garden centers? This podcast offers food for thought. In an understandable way.
Learn about history, current situation and future of a sustainable world, judged from a green perspective. Of course you don’t have to agree with all proclaimed views. Just use them to form your own opinion on a subject.
Take a little time for this podcast. The content is not only interesting: it’s also a lot of information! Although American, The healthy garden podcast has relevant content for European listeners.

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