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Where are you? Discutafel podcast listeners’ countries

landschap met groene heuvels en wolkenlucht

Where on the globe are the ears which listen to Discutafel podcast? We have some rough figures and are able to derive a thing or two about your country. Do you recognise yourself?

Our findings are based on download and streaming figures from mid 2018 through 2022. In separate blogs, we’ll say something about popular episodes and about sense and nonsense with respect to statistics.

Illustration Irish landscape, 2017

Top 3 listeners’ countries Discutafel since 2018

Which countries had the most downloads or streaming sessions of Discutafel podcast, from mid 2018 through 2022?

  1. The Netherlands
  2. Belgium
  3. USA

Trends in listeners’ countries 2022

  • slight decrease in number of Dutch downloads
  • considerable rise in number of Belgian downloads
  • number of listeners’ countries still rising
  • most USA downloads were in Texas, followed by Minnesota and Pennsylvania
  • a sudden appearance of Canadian downloads, mainly from Ontario!
    That was before our new series on Milner Gardens and Woodland started, which, by the way, is situated in British Columbia
  • holidays seem to play a part: lots of downloads in France, Germany and Spain in certain months and -speaking as a Dutch podcaster- in places far away …
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