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Discutafel podcast 129: wild gardening in an old-growth forest

Boardwalks in forest
Union Jack Britse vlag

Listen to episode 129 below.
Publication date: 19-1-23.
Duration: 16:56.
Host: Ivonne Smit.
Illustration: boardwalks at Milner Gardens and Woodland.

Episode 129: wild gardening in an old-growth forest


The woodland at Milner Gardens and Woodland is a beautiful example of one of the last remaining old-growth forests in British Columbia, Canada. The former owners preserved many old trees on the estate. Follow Ivonne while she’s strolling through the woodland garden.

Podcaster with microphone and headset with big tree on background
Ivonne recording this episode in Milner Woodland. Happy podcaster!

Forest trail

The forest trail leads us across boardwalks which protect the forest floor. And over paths which are covered with wood chips. Now and then we come across an information sign about life and death in the forest.

Old-growth forest

Ivonne discovers that the lady of the house, a keen gardener, was influenced by William Robinson. This Irish gardener and journalist is known for his wild gardening style, including woodland gardens and natural-looking planting. That’s where his ideas meet those of us at Discutafel!

Wild gardening in a forest

Pictures made in British Columbia, August 2022

Milner Gardens and Woodland series!

This episode is part of a series of shows and blogs
about Milner Gardens and Woodland in Canada.

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