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Discutafel creates green audio

Discutafel creates green audio
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Broadcasting schedule 2020 announced

Discutafel podcast broadcasting schedule 2020 announced. Your green audio still publishes new episodes on Thursday mornings. Frequency slightly different.

Kalender close up

Discutafel podcast continues in 2020! Your green audio still publishes new episodes on Thursday mornings. The frequency is slightly different: every other Thursday.

Every other week

In 2020, we publish an episode every other week. In each 6 week cycle, we first publish 2 Dutch episodes and then 1 in English. We might make an extra episode in between, or we are on holiday.
Go to the Discu agenda on this website for our current schedule.
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Organic growth

The amendment in frequency means a reduction in episodes of about 25% in 2020, compared to 2019. Increasing activities related to green audio take more of Ivonne’s time.

Discutafel podcast is growing ‘organically’: in fame, download numbers and attention of the green industry. We are in contact with listeners, businesses and not-for-profit organizations, yeah! The first-ever Dutch podcast about ecological gardening and permaculture has earned a place of it’s own in a niche market.


We take advantage of this positive development in order to invest in even better green audio.
In addition, we intend to intensify and expand our co-operation with others. Partnerships make it possible to support small-scale green initiatives with audio!

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