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Discutafel podcast 82: ‘strawing up’ potatoes

Shownote on episode 82. Earthing up potatoes? Ivonne shares her experience with ‘strawing up’! Listen to this green audio. Published 16-7-20.

Potatoes in bag with straw
Union Jack Britse vlag

Listen to episode 82 below.
Publication date: 16-07-20.
Duration: 15:06.
Host: Ivonne Smit.
Illustration: potatoes in bag filled with straw.

Episode 82: ‘strawing up’ potatoes


Earthing up potatoes? Ivonne shares her experience with ‘strawing up’: not filling the growing bag with layers of soil, but mulching with straw. And she’s obviously going through a learning curve! 

Harvesting potato Monalisa, grown in bag with straw
Harvesting potato Monalisa, grown in bag with soil and straw, July 14, 2020.


Ivonne mentions the ‘potato towers’ she read about. Interested? There are lots of articles and videos on the subject on internet. For example:

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