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Discutafel podcast 79: Dutch wetlands: from Wadden Sea to garden pond (4)

Shownote on episode 79: Dutch wetlands pt 4. Ivonne visits the Westerpark, in search of water wildlife. What’s there to see and hear? Published 4-6-20.

Westerpark in 's-Hertogenbosch
Union Jack Britse vlag

Listen to episode 79 below.
Publication date: 4-06-20.
Duration: 30:19.
Host: Ivonne Smit.
Illustration: Westerpark in ‘s-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands.

Episode 79: Dutch wetlands: from Wadden Sea to garden pond (4)


In a short series of Discuspecials we’re talking about water.
Listen to part 4.

Ivonne visits the Westerpark, at a 5 minute walking distance from her house. In search of water wildlife, with a wheelbarrow full of equipment! What’s there to see and hear? Why does she end up in her own garden? Let’s find out!


Go and discover!

In part 3 we made an appointment with listeners to visit a nearby pond or other still water to investigate wildlife. A small excursion like this is not only enjoyable; it can also help us to attract wildlife near our own homes by imitating nature.
What did you discover? Share your experiences with Discutafel!

…. Ending up in Ivonne’s own garden!

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